About Us

¡¡¡¡Hong Kong Heng Yuan is a professional manufacturers which produce mid-range and high-grade racks ,steel and wood furniture, covers an area of 15000m2, building area of 10000m2, This company has strong technical force and complete professional equipment, the production of the Hong Kong Heng Yuan "Crown ¡°brand products Meet GB/T3325-95 standards.

¡¡¡¡Decades, Hong Kong Hengyuan workers use their pragmatic innovation, excellence in management philosophy, the original flavor of the simple integration of the new era, Hong Kong Heng Yuan¡¯s business ideas is "depending on the quality as the lifeline, as the credibility of such benefits, " Various types of products produced by sophisticated materials, fine workmanship, and employ industry best professional designers, application of advanced graphics technology to design and guide the production, to ensure that the level of its manufacturing process consistently maintain a leading position. Hong Kong Heng Yuan pursue high quality and excellent service combine to make the product marketing of the Hong Kong Heng Yuan more than twenty provinces and exported to South Korea, Russia and the Middle East and surrounding areas, the majority of consumers and praise, and gradually the combination of the brand value of the Hong Kong Heng Yuan, and won numerous awards and recognition inside and outside the province.

¡¡¡¡Hong Kong Heng Yuan¡¯s developing is step forward step, we believe that under the majority of customer care and support, with the joint efforts of all walks of life, in the future development of innovative and unremitting efforts hengyuan will get better services and products in order to return everyone