Pure color shinning : the new super-comfortable home antique furniture imported from Italy (Figure)

In addition to meet the needs of life, the Italian classic furniture, more artistic beauty, especially in the interpretation of the Italians, each furniture piece of furniture had been detached the meaning to explain the ancient civilization of Europe, sharp and astringent, lingering flavor. Active thinking in Italy, each piece of furniture may be numerous achievements, the user attitude towards life and reflect the three-dimensional aesthetic sentiment. Beijing International home in the ultra-comfortable nest shop, you can see from the Italian furniture company Tarroco Vaccaris famous furniture.
Tarroco Vaccari Italian Furniture Company has been 50 years history, the world's top classical luxury furniture manufacturers. Tarroco Vaccari company's product range, aeries of bedroom, dining series, study, family and living room furniture series, and all of its products experienced by the Italian handmade skilled workers, to show the Italian people are perfectly elegant and unique antique furniture .

10512 sitting room ark 10520 study modular furniture
Free-spirited, varied series of Avignon furniture, inherited the Avignon s unequaled castle spirit, using curves and surfaces, seeking dynamic change, and the coating white-decorated on surface, to show unlimited "Pure color, showing the owners distinguished status.

10576 bedroom furniture
Walnut, tulip wood by polishing, painting, doing the old, shading, gilded, inlaid wood thin, delicate hand-painted designs such as Seiko, turned into a piece of art Pierre. Exaggerated and restrained style, most vividly in court interpretation of the European aristocracy and the upper class of classical charm scene, highlights the aristocratic demeanor

12715 Dining Room Furniture
Tarroco Vaccari companies pay attention to the exact size, the proportions just right and ergonomic design has gone beyond the traditional classical furniture. Printing velvet fabric, meticulous workmanship, bold colors, with pearl-colored wood frame, so that the overall design of nature itself, the interpretation of the Versailles palace atmosphere vividly, in which the pursuit of beautiful fabrics glow feel more filled with luxurious Baroque